NW Shippers has been THE trusted carrier since 1980; shown here are actual keys to customer locations for deliveries and pick ups after hours, used throughout the 1980s and 90s.

We will accomplish our mission within the framework of the following core values:

Our People – Encourage a culture that values and empowers employees through teamwork, open communication, safe work practices and high integrity. Provide a safe and positive environment for employees to work and grow.

Our Service – Lead the industry in safe, reliable, and timely service while preserving the condition of our customers’ freight and maintaining NW Shipper’s Inc. reputation as premium service provider.

Our Business – Operate according to sound business principles, guided by strong ethics to achieve profit and performance goals. Enhance NW Shippers Inc. reputation as a leader within the industry and our communities.

Our Customers – Enable the success of customers by understanding their unique requirements and by providing reliable, innovative services.

Our Partners – Create an environment that encourages cooperation with our business partners to capitalize on individual strengths while maintaining unique business identities. Foster supplier relationships to ensure mutual value and success.