Special thanks to our founder, Robert Wiesen, whose vision and passion for quality service is carried forward by our staff each and every day.

NW Shippers Inc. provides the best freight handling service available to our customers. Our employees are the most courteous and responsive to customer needs. We are identifiable as best in class by the outstanding referrals provided by our existing customers.

NW Shippers Inc. is considered one of the best companies to work for in Whatcom County. We cultivate a thriving business by setting clear business goals, empowering our people, utilizing quality improvement practices, and engaging new tools and processes. We build strategic partnerships with our customers, partners, suppliers, and our community.

Robert & Bonnie Wiesen; Children: Rebecca, Sabrina, Bernadine, and Eric


Robert & Bonnie Wiesen with Children & Grandchildren


Robert & Bonnie Wiesen, NW Shippers Founders


Eric & Rosanne Wiesen, NW Shippers Current Owners